Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Help Me Out

Based on professional advice, a few months ago, I changed the tag line for Body & Soul Fitness Studio. It's now...

Real Fitness for Every Woman

Just recently during a brainstorming session someone said, "Your motto should be...

Real Fitness for Real Women

... and everyone seemed to agree.

Guess what?

That's what is was before we changed it!

The marketing advisor thought that the concept of "real women" was confusing. "What's a real woman?", she asked.

I was going to tell you my thoughts behind my original tag line but I won't because if I need to explain it, she's right.

I did ask a few people before switching but now I'm wondering if I should have asked more.


Please comment and tell me which tagline you like best and why. I would really appreciate your input.



Wendy said...

Hi Mickey,
I like the change to '...for Every Woman.' I think it is more inclusive & straightforward.
from one of your 'real women,'

Mickey said...

Thanks for voting, Wendy. So far, it's 2 for the new one and 1 for the original. (Two votes came via e-mail.) It will be interesting to see what the majority prefer.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Becky Nguyen said...

Hi Mickey,

I prefer the "...for Every Woman." The message includes all woman. "Real women" sounds too exclusive...

Mickey said...

Thanks, Becky!

Mickey said...

Two more votes, one via e-mail, one via conversation, one for each choice so now its...

4 for "every woman"

2 for "real women"

The polls are still open. Let's keep it going.