Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here's a video of the Zumba demo class we had on Monday night. Everyone had a blast!

Only 2 of these people had ever done Zumba before- the girl in the yellow tank top is the instructor's daughter.

Thursday's class is almost full but Sandy (the instructor) has graciously agreed to hold another free demo class at Body & Soul's Open House on Saturday, May 16th. The class will begin at 10:00 AM but you must pre-register so call me at (717) 509-7777 to sign up.

If you want to see the rest of the videos, they're all posted on

There are a total of 7 videos. The one above is #4. If you do a search for "Zumba Demo Class at Body & Soul Fitness 5-4-09", they should all come up.


Marla said...

This looks like a ton of fun! And it motivated me to do my workout today when I really didn't feel like it; reminded me that moving around feels good.

Mickey said...

They all had a blast!

Glad it helped motivate you, Marla. Keep doing what you're doing.